The Disc’s Top 50 Albums of 2016 – Part Five: 10 – 1

Welcome to the final part of The Disc’s top 50 albums of 2016. Its been a fantastic year for rock & metal with so many good releases from both established & up & coming bands. The final part covers numbers 10 to 1. Enjoy!

10: The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues


It’s rare that you find an album from the metalcore scene that doesn’t have a single bad song on it. Transit Blues is that album.

You can read our full album review here.

9: Deftones – Gore


Filled with unique ideas all backed up by Chino’s gorgeous vocals, Gore is arguably the best Deftones work in over 10 years. Sorrowful yet catchy, no matter how often it seems as though you’ve heard everything it has to offer it always goes one further.

8: Rotting Christ – Rituals


With Rituals, Rotting Christ have managed to create an ancient & dark vibe that would seem impossible for most. Crushingly heavy but with elements that will leave you open-mouthed, just a fantastic album.

7: For I Am King – Daemons


Female fronted death/black metal is on the rise & with bands like For I Am King putting out this kind of music the sky is the limit. Utterly transfixing in its aggressive style but with song structure that makes it such a worthy listen.

You can read our review of the full album here.

6: Cult of Luna with Julie Christmas – Mariner


This is an unmistakable Cult of Luna album but with one major difference, the vocal work of Julie Christmas who lifts this to heights not heard of before. Utterly transfixing in it’s broody & dark style.

You can read our review of the full album here.

5: Oathbreaker – Rheia


The second female fronted metal band to make this top 10, Oathbreaker are a cut above most other bands in the scene now. Combining ultra-heavy riffs & vocals with sudden drops into sorrowful & beautiful moments. It’s is a listen that you’re not likely to forget. A band of the future.

You can read our review of the full album here.

4: Neurosis – Fires Within Fires


One particular track on this album was described by another member of staff for GBHBL as sounding like ‘great sex’ & that analogy could be used to describe the whole album. An intense experience that you never want to end.

You can read our review of the full album here.

3: Winterfylleth – The Dark Hereafter


An album this good could  be number one, it’s 5 tracks of the most atmospheric metal that immerses you within the world. Shockingly good.

You can read our review of the full album here.

2: Waldgefluster – Ruinen


This German black metal release is simply stunning. Every moment a delight with the best outro of one song/intro to the next of the entire year.

You can read our review of the full album here.


1: Nails – You Will Never Be One of Us


The heaviest album of the year, a non-stop brutal assault on the senses but one that leaves you begging for more. What makes it the best album of the year though is that through all the nastiness of the music you have a clear sound, clear song structure that makes each one stand out from the rest. Mesmerising.

You can read our review of the full album here.

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