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Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are very proud to bring you an interview with doom/noise metal band, False Gods. Their latest EP, Reports From Oblivion was released on August 18th 2017 & you can read our review of it here.

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1. Tell us a bit about yourselves, how did False Gods get going?

Mike and myself were in a band called Skeletondealer which was like a stoner metal band. After that dissolved we decided to start another project. I had always wanted to try to play guitar in a band and even while we were doing the Skeletondealer thing I had this vision of doing a band that had stoney Sabbath-esuqe parts mixed with hardcore kind of parts and noisey/atmospheric kind of parts as well with really aggressive vocals on top of everything.

Just like a combination of all the doom/sludge/stoner/ bands we listen to in one band without having to conform to one specific sub-genre. Myself and Mike would talk about what our vision was we’d say “Desert Fest” meaning mixing all the bands you would see at Desert Fest into one band. I had some songs written and recorded before the Skeletondealer actually broke up. I showed the basic tracks to Mike, he dug it and the rest as they say was history. Those songs were what would be our first EP “Wasteland”.

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2. To us, Reports From Oblivion has plenty of crossover appeal mixing doom/groove/sludge with an aggressive stance. Was this the sound you were going for?

It is the natural evolution of us as a band I would say. “Wasteland” has a real hardcore feel at times. It’s really stripped-down. Basically just the riffs and Mike’s vocal on top brutalising everything. We just grew as a band and as musicians. I definitely wanted to push the envelope on this one so to speak and add more texture to the musical soundscapes. This release is a bit darker, a bit noisier than “Wasteland” is. There is more meat on the bone so to speak with this release. We had Tad Doyle remix and master it which was killer. It sounds so brutal. We’re very happy with this one!

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3. The new EP is coming quite soon after the release of Wastelands. Why so soon?

We started playing shows in December of 2015. Since then, we’ve just hit the ground running. We’ve been writing, rehearsing,recording and playing shows non-stop. These songs on this newest release to us are actually not so new. The plan was since day one to put out something every single year and play as much as possible. The “Wasteland” EP has been written (in my head) since 2014 so to me those songs were super old! Hahahaha! We just want to keep writing and recording and keep working hard and growing as a band and try to put out the best songs possible.

4. Has the rise of streaming services & the likes of YouTube helped or hindered you as a band?

It’s helped for sure. People from all over the globe now have easy access to our music which is great. I embrace all this new technology or anything that makes it easy for people to check out our band. You can’t stop progress!

5. What plans are in the works for the future of False Gods?

The band is in a different spot as of right now. We are kind of taking a break from playing live right now. Brian, our bass player, is no longer able to do the band so we’re working someone new into the fold. We’ve been going so hard for a while now that I think we kind of got burned out a bit. We will definitely be back but we’re giving the band a little room to breath as we work someone new into the fold.

It’s difficult being in a band at times and it can wear on you and it’s easy to get burnt out on the whole thing to the point where people start losing interest. There is a lot of political bullshit that comes with this thing and a lot of non music related shit that you have to go through as a band and sometimes dealing with that shit makes me not want to do this anymore.

That being said as I write this I’m listening to the EP again (first time in a long time) and I am so proud of this thing that I want to push it as hard as I possibly can. “The Spirit World” is the most depressing and brutal song like ever! Hahahaha.

I want to inflict it on as many people as I can! Hahaha! We’ll see what happens. I want to write another record and record it asap. I don’t have a crystal ball but I think that will happen before we start gigging a ton like we were. We ain’t dead yet! We’re just gonna wing it.

We’d like to thank False Gods for taking the time to speak with us. You can pick up the two EPs over on Bandcamp. You can also listen to Wastelands via Apple Music above. Head over to Facebook & Instagram to find out more about False Gods!

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