Album Review: Pemphigoid – Where Compassion Comes to Die (Self Released)

Where Compassion Comes to Die is the debut album from UK 80s/90s death metal band, Pemphigoid. The album combines the 6 songs from the earlier released demo (read our review here) with 3 new tracks! The album was released on March 2nd 2018.

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Opening track Surgery is a thumping slab of old-school death metal and the perfect start to an album that is all about delivering hard-hitting meatiness! Look no further then Necrolatry as a stellar example of just how mean Pemphigoid can be. A nasty head-wound of a track with some venomous riffs & demonic vocals.

For those familiar with the earlier release the next three tracks are new. Infection is a short and grimy atmospheric number that is more about setting up Bite Radius. A track that exudes raw darkness, heavy enough to make your stomach acids churn. While Descent of Man has a bit more energy to it, the pace increased with a flurry of hard riffs and clubbing guttural vocals.

Where Compassion Comes to Die is damn heavy record. The deep drum & bass combo makes tracks like Appetite for Murder & Mechanised Infantry sound like the heaviest things ever!

Potentially the highlight though is the thumping groove of the title track. The perfect way to see out this blood-boiling release, it’s a classic death metal track. Crushing riffs and drums alongside curdling vocals, a brief mid-point tempo change is simply stunning.

Where Compassion Comes to Die is a great step forward for Pemphigoid. If you’ve heard the demo you can hear the progression in the new tracks all while they’ve retained that raw, classic death metal edge.



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Pemphigoid – Where Compassion Comes to Die Full Track Listing:

1. Surgery
2. Necrolatry
3. Infection
4. Bite Radius
5. Descent of Man
6. Endophagia
7. Appetite For Murder
8. Mechanised Infantry
9. Where Compassion Comes to Die

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up the demo as well as merchandise. You can also listen to the tracks on Soundcloud. Make sure you like their Facebook Page to keep up to date with all their news!

Pemphigoid - Where Compassion Comes to Die (Self Released)
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