Album Review: Hadeon – Sunrise (Self Released)

Progressive metal band, Hadeon was formed in 2014 and completed their line-up in September 2015 which allowed them to focus on their debut album, Sunrise. The album was released on December 2nd 2017.

Hadeon 2

An album that is all about complex arrangements, ignoring the ‘verse, chorus’ standard & instead going for a more story-telling style of prog. Strong guitar riffs & melodies, thrumming bass lines, catchy drum beats & soulful vocals combine to make this an unforgettable listen.

Thoughts ‘n’ Sparks is a solid start but it’s the expansive & floaty efforts of Chaotic Picture that makes real impact. Imaginative melodies & huge riffs drive an absolutely stunning track forward before I, Divided picks up the baton & runs away with it.

One of the highlights of the album turns out to be the wonderful rhythmic melody of Never Thought, a light but memorable track.

Hadeon’s ability to deliver constant feel-good rock and metal sees the 50 minutes of this album fly by in a blur of proggy guitars. Proving that you can be progressive while still retaining excellent song structure, Hopeless Dance is thrilling & Sunrise lifts things to an even higher height.

Hadeon have crafted something very special here.

Hadeon 1

Hadeon – Sunrise Full Track Listing:

1. Thoughts ‘n’ Sparks
2. Chaotic Picture
3. I, Divided
4. Never Thought
5. Lightline
6. Hopeless Dance
7. Sunrise

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Hadeon – Sunrise (Self Released)
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