Single Slam – Digging My Own Grave by Escape the Fate (I Am Human)

American post hardcore/metalcore band Escape the Fate will release their 6th studio album on the 30th of March. That album is called I Am Human and it will be released via Better Noise Records. Digging My Own Grave is the 5th single released so far from that new release.

Escape the Fate are a band that tend to try and evolve their sound with each release. This has led to them being categorised as all manner of genres since their formation in 2005. Hard rock, emo, screamo, hardcore, metalcore and post hardcore being just some of them.

Lead vocalist Craig Mabbitt, talking about the new album added – “We’re getting older, and we’re changing so our music should change with us. At the same time, we rediscovered what made us who we are; I felt like I was 17-years-old again. I haven’t been this excited to release something since I first joined the band and we put out This War Is Ours. We hope this album can be the soundtrack to good times and memories our fans create. I hope they get their own emotions out singing these songs with us at shows. I hope it’s part of the healing process. That’s what these stories do for us.”

Digging My Own Grave

Alongside Mabbitt, Escape the Fate are, the last founding member standing, Robert Ortiz on drums. Thomas Bell (TJ) is on rhythm guitar and bass during recording while Kevin Gruft (Thrasher) is on lead guitar and also helps out with the bass during recording. Erik Jensen then joins the band on bass duties while touring.

Digging My Own Grave is 3 minutes and 17 seconds long. It starts with a big anthem like chorus straight off before moving through some really heavy sounding verses. High toned guitar lines mix with deep bass groove and a rumbling drum beat to make for a really infectious sound. There are a lot of backing vocals to give that big sound in the clean sections. The vocals in the verses are much more menacing and are backed by thunderous drumming.

A huge, almost NWOBHM styled guitar solo comes in and elevates the track further before it fades out and is replaced by a quieter section. Ominous whispered vocals start to build before Digging My Own Grave explodes back into life with ferocious roars, a powerful riff and forceful drum beats through to the end.


Digging My Own Grave is an enjoyable metalcore track with a few twists. The vocals are really strong and I love some of the melodic guitar lines embedded in the song. The drums are solid, really solid. Escape the Fate have an abundance of talent in the band and if this song is anything to go on, I Am Human should be an absolutely cracking album.

You can preorder a copy of I Am Human from the band’s Pledge Music campaign here. Digging My Own Grave is available on all the usual streaming services now. You can also grab it, the other singles and the album from the Amazon links below. Find out more about Escape the Fate at their Facebook, Twitter or at their own website.

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Digging My Own Grave by Escape the Fate (I Am Human)
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