Raptures Lost’s Collectables Review: Bioshock Infinite (Skyhook)

I consider myself to be a huge Bioshock fan, the original was one of the first games I played on the 360 and up until recently it had been my favorite game this generation. I’m sure you’re aware that earlier this year a new Bioshock game was released and it had just about everything I could ever want in a game; beautiful visuals, wonderful music, memorable well-developed characters, great dialogue and a complex story that really made you think. I consider Bioshock Infinite to be my favorite game this generation so it will come as no surprise that when I decided to start collecting gaming figures I would get one or two things related to it.

“SKY-HOOK: Ride the rails of the sky for the fastest travel in Columbia!”


Skyhook Replica



The Sky-Hook is a melee weapon and means of transportation throughout Columbia on its Sky-Lines utilized by Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite. The player first gains their Sky-Hook at a Columbian carnival when they encounter the police. Unlike the rest of Booker’s arsenal, this tool is passively equipped and cannot be switched out for another weapon.


The Sky-Hook was created by Jeremiah Fink as a way for workers to easily reach an area of the Sky-Line if the moving cargo that traversed it was halted or the rail was in need of repair. Adventurous teenagers began using the device for joyriding. It was later commissioned by the Police as an essential tool towards catching criminals and the Vox Populi. As mentioned by Booker the first time he uses one, it is powerfully magnetized to the freight hooks and Sky-Lines on Columbia, allowing its users to make death-defying leaps from point-to-point with the knowledge that the Sky-Hook will automatically catch on.



As soon as I was aware that this replica existed I just had to have it, the amount of detail is just incredible. The trigger that’s visible in the pictures makes the blades rotate and it gives off a very similar sound to that heard in the game. It has small details that really show the effort that went in to making it look the real deal.
It is by far one of my favorite things that I own. Cost – £69.99
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