Horror Movie Review: Pervert! (2005)

I know what you are thinking…where do I find these movies?

With a movie like this you can’t expect gold all you can hope is that it has some sort of redeeming feature be it an excellent gore sequence or a well-told plot twist…heck failing that some cheap nudity that feels totally out of place with the rest of the movie will do.

With a title & a cover like that I figured the nudity part was almost a guarantee. My interest was piqued by the suggestion that it was a bit of a slapstick/comedy horror….it was kind of right.

James is a college student arriving at his father’s (Hezekiah) desert ranch to help him out during his break. James hasn’t seen his father in a while & is disturbed to see that he has a strange hobby of making female body sculptures out of meat. He is less disturbed but equally confused by his new step-mum, Cheryl who is many years younger than his father & won’t stop hitting on him.


James struggles to contain his interest in Cheryl & it’s this interest that will see her & several other buxom women wind up dead….but just who is too blame? James suspects it is his own father or maybe it is the local mechanic who has taken a shine to James as well?

Ok…massive spoilers….

Its James’s detached penis that is doing all the killing. Eventually it is revealed that back in New Orleans where James is going to college he visited a witch doctor for help with attracting girls. She tricked him & he ended up with a penis that detaches itself once he gets ‘in the mood’. James detached member is a bit of psycho & pervert that just wants to have sex & kill.


Sound familiar…those that regularly read my reviews will remember that I actually reviewed a very similar movie back in April 2013 called One Eyed Monster & starring famous porn star actor Ron Jeremy. Ignoring the disembodied dick plot & that it also stars a famous porn star (Mary Carey) & the 2 films couldn’t be more different.


Pervert is a homage to legendary director Russ Meyer who is famous for his corny, humour-filled & sleazy movies. Some of his more notable works include Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! & Vixen! Perverts first major homage to the man is through the casting of Mary Carey. She can barely act but she does have one major asset….well 2 actually & she isn’t afraid of showing them off throughout the movie. Russ Meyer was famous for his obsession with large-breasted ladies & almost all his movies had one in a lead role. Naturally he came under quite a lot of criticism.

The story of Pervert is flimsy but it does have some snigger moments & the big reveal of the killer penis is fun to watch, particularly as it is done ‘claymation’ style.


No-one is going to win an acting award & Mary Carey’s role is purely to take her top off & pour things on her body. It should feel awkward & corny when she randomly decides to pull her top off & pour honey on herself to seduce James, the son but it is the feel that the film was going for & it works….amazingly.

She is not alone in her role though & a few other ladies turn up to add ‘plot’ to an extremely weak story & end up without much clothes on. It sounds like a porno but it really isn’t as it is all soft-core stuff on par with any exploitation movie from the 70s/80s.


It’s hard to defend the movie though as there are a lot of misses throughout…lack of gore, lack of interesting plot, lack of use of the meat sculptures & overkill on topless women…yes I did just say that.

It does have an absolutely killer ending though & the revelation that James penis is actually a female made me chuckle.

If you have a spare 80 minutes check Pervert out, it’s not as bad as it first appears. Filled with plenty of boobs, plenty of random plot elements & some of the worst acting in any horror comedy ever, it has a certain charm that makes me want to go back & watch it again.

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