Horror Movie Review: Toxin (2015)

It seems impossible to make a movie this bad. Like everyone involved would have to be intentionally trying. Toxin is shockingly bad & with a cast that includes Danny Glover & Vinne Jones, that really took some doing.

An old woman’s isolated house is used as a testing area for a new virus by a government agency. The group are led by Dr Locke (Danny Glover) & release spores into her basement planning to record the results.

Toxin 4

Unknown to them, the old lady has a grandson who has recently returned from serving in the army overseas. Dean (Taylor Handley) is every mentally scarred soldier but with a heart of gold you’ve ever seen in film. He gets notified that his gran’s house has been condemned & she will be removed from it unless something is done to clean it up.

Toxin 5

Along with his girlfriend & their friends he heads off to help get his grandmother place back up to scratch. Their arrival is seen by Renner (Vinnie Jones), who works for Dr Locke & he is told to just keep an eye on things but not to let them leave.

Once inside the house the spores in the basement start to affect certain members of the group causing them to go insane & attack the rest. With threats inside & outside the house will anyone get out alive?

Toxin 2

Trust me, you won’t care. Toxin is an absolute mess of a movie with some of the worst acting you’ll ever see, hilariously bad CGI & plot developments that make zero sense.

The cast are so forgettable with everyone but a few, irrelevant to the plot. They’re just there to die but hold on…if you’re hoping for a bit of a gore-fest then you best look elsewhere. There is very little here.

Toxin 6

Some characters die quickly, others get shot in the side & seem to forget that they are wounded later in the movie. (It is funny to see the actor clearly remembering he’s supposed to be hurt as he occasionally touches his wound & winces).

The big-name actors are just as bad. Danny Glover acts like the only reason he’s there is because of the pay check they are clearly waving at him just off screen. Vinne Jones is Vinne Jones. He plays his usual ‘hard-man’ character but gets props for using the classic British insult of ‘your mum’. Those jokes never get old.

Toxin 3

The plot is so boring & the motivations behind the creation of this virus incredibly sketchy. The scene where Dr Locke explains the evil plan is sleep inducing. You can visibly see everyone in that scene age, it’s that bad.

As rough as all of this is no words can quite explain just how horrific the CGI is. Embarrassingly bad, a child could have done the effects here. There is absolutely nothing to recommend here. One of the worst horror movies to be released ever.

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