Horror Movie Review: B.C. Butcher (2016)

Kansas Bowling was just seventeen years old when he wrote & directed B.C. Butcher. That in itself is an impressive feat & critiquing it is no easy task seeing as it is a Troma release. If you know Troma, you know to expect a level of awfulness that they embrace. Troma horror is a genre in itself & they wear their badge of crap-ness with pride.

Butcher 2

B.C. Butcher ticks all the Troma boxes but has the honour of at least being one of the most unique slasher spoofs going.

A tribe of cavewoman kill one of their own who got pregnant by the leaders’ man. They stab her with a spear & eat her intestines before leaving her body to be devoured by wild animals.

Butcher 3

Unfortunately for them a beast-man happens to find the body & falls in love with her. He is then told by the spirit of the murdered woman to avenge her death by killing those responsible.

A campy horror comedy, the actors ham it up to a high degree. No-one is taking it seriously & that makes it occasionally fun to watch. It’s silly, the gore is terrible but it has charm thanks to the performances of the cast who are clearly having a good time.

Butcher 4

That being said it misses the mark in regards to both horror & comedy. For large parts of the film nothing happens & is often just an excuse to play another rock song. Considering it is only 51 minutes long this is really a surprise but it’s also not particularly funny. The odd bit of dialogue might raise a smile but that’s about it.

They clearly were trying hard to make this a ‘so bad it is good’ cult film but forget that it has to be more entertaining then it is.

Butcher 5

Perhaps though, the most surprising thing about B.C. Butcher is that has absolutely no sex, no nudity or swearing! For a Troma movie that is a shock!

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B.C. Butcher
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