EP Review: (the) Medicine Theory – Rain Follows the Plow (Self Released)

The latest release from (the) Medicine Theory, Rain Follows the Plow will be self released on June 16th 2017.

Medicine Theory 1

6 tracks long, Rain Follows the Plow is post-punk with a raw, stripped down style. It’s a sound that isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste & very difficult to describe. It’s dark, moody stuff with a spoken word style of vocals that is more about story-telling then anything else.

There is an underlying chaotic-ness throughout Rain Follows the Plow & it will take several listens to take it all in & really appreciate the intricacies throughout.

There is plenty to enjoy here. Choke’s stop-start style is unbalancing but very appealing, A Place without Sleep’s strumming guitars, the moody, doom-lite riffs of Weeds, the unsettling noises that accompany the story-like vocals of The Writer & the Drug…all memorable stuff.

The EP finishes with the fastest but also the least interesting track on the album, Radio Radio Off. It’s a ’meh’ ending to an unsettling but addictive & sincere listen. For everyone who loves what Rain Follows the Plow offers though there will be plenty that it doesn’t quite resonate with.

Medicine Theory 2

(the) Medicine Theory – Rain Follows the Plow Full Track Listing:

1. Choke
2. Promise
3. A Place Without Sleep
4. Weeds
5. The Writer and the Drug
6. Radio Radio Off

You can pick up (the) Medicine Theory’s back catalogue over on Bandcamp & on Apple Music below. You can find out more about the band over on Facebook.

(the) Medicine Theory - Rain Follows the Plow (Self Released)
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