EP Review: Lebowskii – Liquidators (Music Records)

Due to be released on February 15th 2018 by Music Records, Liquidators is the new EP from multi-metal genre covering, Lebowskii.

Liquidators 2

The thumping groove of Why Are We Falling Down gets the EP off to a banging start. The booming riffs, visceral drumming & gruff shouted vocals shares a lot in common with old school thrash bands but with a more progressive edge.

The more progressive guitar work is what makes Liquidators more then just your run of the mill metal album. Such as Haunting A Shell of Flesh, that is pretty standard fare except for the trippy guitar work. The title track has a nice bouncy beat to it with these flaring moments of high screeching hooks & solos before Your Brain is Just Insane confirms just how listenable this EP is.

Narrow Minded finishes things off with a punchy thrashy beat that is nice & solid but hardly the most memorable track on the EP.

Liquidators is an interesting listen. There are flashes of brilliance & the progressive edge stands out more then the thrash-based riffs & vocals.

Liquidators 1

Lebowskii – Liquidators Full Track Listing:

1. Why Are We Falling Down
2. Haunting A Shell Of Flesh
3. Liquidators
4. Your Brain Is Just Insane
5. Narrow Minded

You can order the album via Music Records here & via Bandcamp here. You can pick up merchandise & find out more about Lebowskii via their website and also check them out on Facebook.

Lebowskii - Liquidators (Music Records)
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