EP Review: Lark – Lark (Self Released)

Progressive sludge/stoner metal band Lark are set to release their debut, self-titled EP on October 31st 2017.

Lark 1

The five track EP kicks off with a nice sludgy groove & up-tempo beat. Hailstorm is an exciting start that has progressive sounding elements as well as a catchiness that gets the blood pumping.

There is more imagination in Lark’s sound then you might initially expect & that really comes to fruition on Red Eye. A track that harks back to an early Opeth sound. There is no getting used to one particular style with Lark as Heavy then offers a more robust metal sound & Too Far Gone lays on the doomy sludge with an added touch of melody.

It might be a little all over the place but as each track stands out in its own way there are no actual complaints. This excellent debut ends on a return to the early stoner metal sound with Decay. Proof that this kind of music can leave you feeling positive & uplifted. A finale that cements the quality found in Lark. Such a strong showing & one that really leaves you feeling excited about the future of sludgy metal.

Lark 2

Lark – Lark Full Track Listing:

1. Hailstorm
2. Red Eye
3. Heavy
4. Too Far Gone
5. Decay

Lark’s debut EP will be available on October 31st. You can keep up to date with news on Facebook & videos on YouTube. Check out the EP teaser below.

Lark - Lark (Self Released)
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