EP Review: Hell’s Gazelles – Take Your Medicine (Self Released)

UK hard rock four piece Hell’s Gazelles deliver on the promise shown on their self-titled debut and are preparing to release their brand new EP ‘Take Your Medicine’ on July 27th 2018.

“As musicians we made a point to embrace our modern heroes, not just those of days past, and we think the new EP is better for it. It all boils down to one simple thing: we’re always looking at how we can craft the best songs possible. With ‘Take You’re Medicine’ we’ve lost nothing in the transition since the release of our debut, we’re four guys who love Rock music and are always looking to invite mass hysteria whether possible. Come join us!” – Hell’s Gazelles.

Gazelles 2

Get your head down as Hell’s Gazelles are flying through the air on a rocket made of high-tempo hard rock tunes. Pumping rhythm and a upbeat nature makes this an EP to leave you smiling all the way through.

Give Me Something erupts with high energy riffing and old-school metal vocals before Stone Cold brings rock and roll swagger & a bit more bite to the vocals.

The fuse is well and truly lit and there is no stopping them now as Out of Time drops some killer hooks while the title track picks up in thrilling fashion before the rocket finally explodes in a fiery display of power on She Devil.

Fun. A lot of fun. Hell’s Gazelles have plenty to offer the hard rock world and on this showing who would deny them?

Gazelles 1

Hell’s Gazelles – Take Your Medicine Full Track Listing:

1. Give Me Something
2. Stone Cold
3. Out Of Time
4. Take Your Medicine
5. She Devil

Take Your Medicine will be available via all major retailers including Spotify and iTunes. You can pick up their merchandise here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out their website, Facebook Page and Twitter.

Hell's Gazelles - Take Your Medicine (Self Released)
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