EP Review: Cavern – Eater (Grimoire Records)

Eater, the new EP from Oakland, MD’s Cavern sees the band stripped down to a 2-piece configuration; showcasing only drums, guitar, and an occasional synth layer. Eater is their first release in three years and also the first to be recorded with the band in their current 2-piece manifestation. It will be released on June 22nd via Grimoire Records.

Cavern 2

A unique composition, Eater layers it’s tracks with melodic riffs and clever drum patterns to create something that is distinctly memorable. Not lacking in oomph, Casey’s injection of pace will get the neck muscles going while the title track shows off some really intricate moments, in particular with the drumming and the melody that closes out the track.

That continues into the excellent Icefield before a bit of bouncy groove takes over in Photos of Paintings and Sunday gets as complex as the EP can. The changes made to Cavern seems to have given them life as this is a thrilling and remarkable release. It certainly shows a lot of promise going forward.

Cavern 1

Cavern – Eater Full Track Listing:

1. Monongalia
2. Casey
3. Eater
4. Icefield
5. Photos of Paintings
6. Sunday



You can order the EP via Bandcamp here and find out more by visiting Cavern’s Facebook Page.

Cavern - Eater (Grimoire Records)
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