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Carl Fisher
The Disc - Owner
When I’m dead they will carve the words ‘go for the head’ on my gravestone, just in case. I've grown up loving horror, video games & heavy's made me the person I am today. Sure I'm a mugshot in a national paper away from making a hell of a story but I'm proud to be able to share this love.  "You mean the movie lied?"
Brendan Fisher
Unholydarklotus - Editor
As you may have guessed I have a love of video games, horror, reading and heavy metal. I am drawn in by anything that differs from the conforms of “normal” society and class the intelligence and emotion I find in the music of heavy metal to be the most defining influence and inspiration of my life so far, well, until my daughter arrived. See Mum, I told you I wouldn’t grow out of it.
Liam Fisher
Raptures Lost - Editor
Hellraiser, A Nightmare On Elm Street, House, Pet Semetary, these movies would make any list regarding my favourite horrors of all time. I have very specific memories of watching them from what would probably be considered to be an inappropriate age by most but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve loved video games and movies since I can remember; many of my earliest memories in life involve them and time has simply made my love grow stronger. My ideal horror movie is one that’s thick with atmosphere, intrigue and intensity. In a game I look for well written/memorable characters and stories and nothing makes me happier than a quality soundtrack that I can listen to in my spare time. Being the youngest brother of four, you can imagine I would have been influenced quite a bit by my brothers and you’d be right, especially regarding music. I cannot be certain but it’s likely I wouldn’t be into bands such as Metallica and Machine Head without them. Growing up in the 90s meant that a lot of the bands I liked fell into the pop rock/punk rock genre and that’s still the case but my taste in music and metal has definitely expanded over the years. To simply say I’m into metal has become quite a broad statement as there are many sub-genres that I adore such as metalcore and electronicore. “We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us”
Sally Powell
Fleshmechanic - Editor
Unlike the other writers for this site I haven’t been a gamer or into horror most of my life. As a child I only did what my parents liked or supplied me with, and wasn’t really allowed to be by myself so it’s no wonder my interests developed so slowly. I mainly depended on books as a child to keep me entertained. But thanks to RapturesLost that all changed and now I have a much wider set of interests. Although, I’ve always been a fan of alternative music and style, no matter how much my parents told me I’d grow out of this “phase”. I’m also a big fan of the traditional vampire and I still love to read but have the worst habit of starting a new book and never finishing it. “Sweet to think on it, that when we are last weary of all this world there is the rising sun.”
Sian Murphy
smdk - Editor
I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t a horror fan. I was fascinated by the macabre from a young age, much to my mother’s dismay. When I really think back, I was a metal fan before I had even heard the term. My interests have not only helped me through every aspect of my life, but they have also given me a sense of belonging, community and brought into my life the most amazing bunch of friends a person could hope to meet. Life is so much better when shared with a bunch of like-minded weirdos, ain’t it?
Daniel Fisher
Tiny Sponge - YouTuber
So, I like games, heavy metal and horror! Throughout my whole life I’ve been surrounded by games and metal, I mean my dad, The Disc, is a huge metal fan, I even found metal in some of the first games I played like Burnout Paradise, it introduced me into the music I’d love. Here at GBHBL I’m the resident YouTuber.

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This started out as a simple retro gaming site, a place for me (The Disc) to share reviews & thoughts about the games from my youth. Over the last few years it has evolved into what you see now, a place where a love of horror movies, gaming (retro & new) & heavy metal is shared.

Gaming, Horror & Heavy Metal…what else is life for?

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