Bloodstock 2017 Band Feature/Interview: Abhorrent Decimation

Bloodstock is the premier metal festival in the UK, showcasing the cream of rock & metal across a wide spectrum of genres. The 2017 edition takes place from the 10th to the 13th of August. Head over to the festival’s website to find out much more & pick up day tickets, weekend camping tickets have now completely sold out!

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The line-up this year is one of the best the festival has ever managed to put together. With a huge range of established & up-and-coming bands spread across the four days. The Sophie Lancaster Stage (the second) is absolutely stacked this year. Across the 4 days it hosts an absolute stellar line-up of bands that include the extreme metal masters, Abhorrent Decimation.

Coming off the back of their newest release, The Pardoner, an album that we loved (read our review here) you can expect an absolute pummelling of extreme metal. Sure to be one of the most intense 30-40 minutes of the entire weekend, get those neck muscles & pit brains up to scratch!

We’re very proud to bring you an interview with Abhorrent Decimation.

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1. Tell us a bit about yourselves. How’d you get started as a band?

I really wanted to get back on it (making music), so I started jamming with people with the view to form a band back in 2013. I’d been in other bands for years prior to that but took a little break from it all between 2009 – 2013, got married and had a child with my wife. Then things just went from there. So before I knew it, at one of the jam sessions I was at, I had crossed paths with a guitar player and from there the two of us demoed some tracks out for an EP.

I called an old band mate in for the drum slot and the guitarist brought a friend of his in for rhythm. The guitarist and I recorded the first Abhorrent Decimation EP and the producer from those sessions ended up becoming our bassist. Then from there, I made a DIY record label with a friend of mine so we could distribute the AD EP into wholesale, retail and online, we got fairly tight in the studio and hit the road, trying to spread the word about as much as possible but with only the 5 songs from the EP in the set, we was fairly limited. Things just built from there really. Writing more songs, playing out as much as possible, few line-up changes etc. rest is history now.

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2. How are you feeling about playing Bloodstock this year?

Very excited, it’s always a great weekend. BOA is fairly sentimental to us, as our first appearance in 2014 was the first catalyst in our journey. So we hope there is another spike from this upcoming appearance. This new album has injected a new wave of confidence and strength among us and we can’t wait to smash it apart. The line-up is the strongest its been, so it’s sure to be a killer show.

3. What can people expect from your set?

The live production for our sound has jumped up a huge leap, we have all invested a lot of money and time into a new rig, so that our live performance can be as close to our record as possible, we really want to carve a name for ourselves with sharp, clinical performances. We will only be performing songs from our latest album ‘The Pardoner’. Expect pits, bring your finest set of lungs and expect numerous requests to participate vocally.


4. What bands (if any) are you hoping to check out while you’re there?

Thursday: The Infernal Sea
Friday: Ashen Crown, Corpsing, Black Moth, Inquisition, Soilwork, Decapitated & Testament.
Saturday: Infected Dead, Ohhms, Macarbe, Fallujah, Ghost
Sunday: Heathen Deity, Courtesans, Oni, Bossk, Wintersun, Broken Teeth, Obituary, Brujeria, Hell.

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5. What’s the future plans for the band?

PLAY SHOWS. PLAY SHOWS. SHOWS. We want to take ‘The Pardoner’ out on a full touring cycle. Try and reach some new places, develop way more fans and work on our own position in the circuit. We have a movie project we are working on, which we may use for our next album, not sure. Then we will start work on writing the next record and doing it all again.

We’d like to thank Abhorrent Decimation for taking the time to give this fantastic interview. Make sure you check them out at Bloodstock & on their future tours including this incredible one at the end of the year in London!

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You can pick up The Pardoner now via Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon, HMVProsthetic Records & Bandcamp.

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