Band Interview: Facing The Gallows (Bryan Binneman – Vocalist)

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are very pleased to bring you an interview with Bryan Binneman, the vocalist of Johannesburg’s metal titans Facing the Gallows. Their latest album, Dead Mindset blends elements of Metalcore, Punk, Thrash and Hardcore and is out now (read our review here).

All live photos are by Snapback Photography.

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1. Tell us a bit about the band’s origins.

The band was started in Johannesburg in 2007 while in school as we were all friends! Our name originates from the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie – “She faces the gallows”.

2. The underground scene in South Africa is booming at the moment. Are you proud to be part of it?

Of course! It’s an absolute honour. Before the band even started all of us would always go out and support other bands, like the good old days at Roxy’s bar in Melville and Vagabonds in Randburg, so now to still be one of the longer standing metal bands in South Africa it feels great to be a part of that.

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3. The new album has been really well received so far, how happy are you with it?

We are beyond thrilled. The response has been more than we expected. The fact that this album was so long in the making makes the end result even more of an achievement for us all.

4. What helped inspire the album as a whole?

When we first starting writing Dead Mindset, James wasn’t even in the band yet. We all missioned out to a secluded house in Fouriesburg for a week with just our instruments and guitar pro on a laptop. I would say that was the start of the inspiration, but when James joined the band he brought such an artistic flair and excitement which essentially excelled us all.

5. Has the rise of YouTube & streaming services helped or hindered you?

Honestly I would say a bit of both. It has helped because it’s our gateway to getting new fans from around the globe which is our main goal now, but it is something we took for granted for many years. The silver lining is we believe this is our best work to date so we are proud to showcase this, especially on YouTube, etc.

6. Games, Brrraaains (horror) & A Head-Banging Life….what do you enjoy?

I guess you can say we are all different in the band, but together we make up a good combination. We’re all about that great life!

7. What does the future hold for Facing the Gallows?

A few more music videos, an international tour and hopefully a record label. Put in some good words for us, wink…wink, lol.

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You can stream/buy the album now via Amazon and Apple Music above as well as via SpotifyDeezer and Google Play. Find out more over on Facebook, pick up earlier releases on Bandcamp and check out their videos on YouTube.

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