Album Reviews: Death of Kings – Kneel Before None (Boris Records)

The new album, Kneel Before None, from Atlanta’s Death of Kings will be released on June 2 2017. The album will be available on digital, vinyl and compact disc formats via Boris Records.

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Nine songs of fast paced thrash metal, Kneel Before None is a rip-roaring release that gets the blood pumping. Opening with Shadow of the Reaper, it’s a thumping start with rocking guitar riffs & hard-hitting drum beats. The high pitched vocals fit really well too especially when they take on a more death metal style. Those moments come as a real surprise but a very welcome one. A great up-tempo solo at the end really roars before Sojourn proves to be just as rocking with plenty of rhythm.

Regicidal is the first song that really lets the more death metal vocal style shine working great alongside the thrash pace of the guitars. It’s a solid metal song, like the album as a whole. It’s at this stage that it becomes clear that Kneel Before None has some old school heavy metal vibes about it but its feet are firmly planted in a more modern sound.

A lot of what makes this so appealing is the balls to the walls pace that is filled with massive hooks & solos. Descent into Madness, Hell Comes to Life (the vocals absolutely slay on this one), Knifehammer (stunning drumming) & the moodier Plague (Upon the World) are song after song of quality metal.

It’s a very good album, just the right length so it doesn’t get boring. The pace of Too Fast For Blood & Revel in Blasphemy finish things off well. The former being a blasting piece of metal that doesn’t let up for a second while the latter is a no nonsense slice of riff-heavy metal.

If there is a negative about Kneel Before None it’s that nothing really sticks at the end. Good punchy metal but a few too many blending into each other. Very enjoyable but unlikely to be getting played in 6 months time.

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Death of Kings – Kneel Before None Full Track Listing:

1. Shadow of the Reaper
2. Sojourn
3. Regicidal
4. Descent Into Madness
5. Hell Comes to Life
6. Knifehammer
7. Plague (Upon the World)
8. Too Fast for Blood
9. Revel in Blasphemy

You can pick up Death of King’s music over on Bandcamp as well as on Bigcartel. Check the band out on Facebook, ReverbNation & Twitter for more information as well as tour dates.

Death of Kings - Kneel Before None (Boris Records)
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