Album Review: Xenosis – Devour and Birth (Self Released)

Devour and Birth is the upcoming third full-length album from Technical/Progressive Death Metal unit Xenosis. Set for release on Friday, January 19th 2018.

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Fan of Meshuggah, Morbid Angel, early-Opeth & Gojira will feel right at home with Devour and Birth. An eight track album that delivers blow after blow of brutalising technical death metal. Opener Night Hag is furiously heavy bringing groovy riffs alongside skull-crushing drums & devastating vocals. A heaviness that is kept in line by the guitars that rip up the death metal playbook.

Army of Darkness continues the same level of intensity but drops a wickedly refreshing guitar medley in halfway. An absolute raging track.

The amazing technical mastery mixed with crunching heaviness continues into the blasting Delirium, the brain-melting speed of Concave & the doomier edge of Ominous Opus. The latter’s throaty growls taking on new levels of guttural venom.

The penultimate track is also the title track, a brutal slice of fury that ups the intensity & speed to deliver a thrash-based piece of work. One that explodes with stunning guitar work.

An impressive album comes to a close with one last kick to the ribs, delivered while you’re curled up in a ball following the beating taken already. For all it’s brutality, Devour and Birth is an elegant affair. Structured well with an excellent production job. It’s also an album that knows when to call it quits, when the listener has had just enough.

Xenosis 2

Xenosis – Devour and Birth Full Track Listing:

1. Night Hag
2. Army of Darkness
3. Delirium
4. Concave
5. Oxidation
6. Ominous Opus
7. Devour and Birth
8. The Projector

You can order the album via Bandcamp. Find out more about Xenosis via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & check them out on YouTube.

Xenosis - Devour and Birth (Self Released)
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