Album Review: Twingiant – Blood Feud (Argonauta Records)

Out on October 13th 2017, Blood Feud will be released via Argonauta Records. The new album from Twingiant is an ear-pleasing slice of heavy metal goodness.

Twingiant 1

Throttled gets things off to a nice sludgy-groovy start. The meatiness of the riffs & throbbing bass sucking away at your lifeblood. All while the gruff vocals scream utter fury at you. A solid slab of metal.

A hook heavyweight of an album, Poisoned Control Party Line lays down the groove like it’s going out of business while Ride the Gun’s different vocals gives it a more modern edge. The latter of the two shows a willingness to not be held back by the shackles of doomy sludge.

A lot of the time it’s just about the instruments with the vocals completely absent for massive sections of the songs. Re-fossilized is one such song that is mostly just guitar led head-banging, inventive rhythm. When the vocals do show up they are understated & hanging about in the background adding an extra layer of heaviness.

Blood Feud is at its best when it’s just letting rip with up-tempo groove & melody. Tracks like Shadow of South Mountain just absolutely slay. However, that’s not to say the slower more mood-altering stuff isn’t up to scratch.

Blood Feud’s penultimate track is the brutal yet sultry sounding Last Man Standing. The lighter guitar plucking mixed with the deep groove of the bass & sudden flurries of speed really stand out.

The final track, Kaishakunin is a slow bass heavy bad dream of a track that bleeds haunting rhythm & nightmarish vocals. An album that is utterly convincing in its aggression & with some serious bite thanks to the smart & exciting guitar solos dotted throughout.

Twingiant 2

Twingiant – Blood Feud Full Track Listing:

1. Throttled
2. Poisoned Control Party Line
3. Ride the Gun
4. Re-fossilized
5. Shadow of South Mountain
6. Formly Known As
7. Last Man Standing
8. Kaishakunin

You can order Blood Feud now over on Bandcamp & via Argonauta Records store here. You can find out much more about Twingiant & keep up to date with news via their website, Facebook Page, Twitter & Instagram.

Twingiant - Blood Feud (Argonauta Records)
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