Album Review: Trigger – Cryogenesis (Hellfire Records)

Out on January 5th 2018, Cryogenesis is the new album from Melbourne five-piece band, Trigger. To be released globally through Hellfire Records after the album was released on July 18th 2017 for the Australian market only.

Trigger 1

Trigger’s brand of music is a blend of old-school Testament style thrash & modern day Trivium heavy melodic metal. Fast & brutal verses followed by soaring catchy choruses. It’s what immediately grabs the attention with opener, Upon the Forge Of Hephaestus. Furious riffing, earth-cracking drum beats, thumping bass hooks & vocals that are brutalising & melodic.

A solid start, Dead Sun follows that up with a much more controlled effort, delivering blazing pace with catchy flashes of hot melody before Echoes of the Silenced steps up its game. An early highlight, the guitar intro leads into a fist-pumping shout & a blast of hot thrashy metal. Delivering a fantastic array of guitar wizardary, it’s a song that you’ll be coming back to time & time again.

Something that will probably apply to most of the album too. Sometimes providing hardcore-light punches likes Tethered to the Tide, the groove laden Divide, Alexandria’s wickedly good guitar/melodic payoff (an absolute treat) or the blood-curdling heaviness of DeluZion.

No matter what Trigger are laying out, it’s damn good.

Dysphoria is one of the more melodic on the album but is still impossibly catchy. It’s then followed by Veins of Ambrosia. A track with a fairly bland start that really kicks it up a notch suddenly, exploding into ferocious metal riffing & devastating vocals. An excellent end.

Trigger 2

Trigger – Cryogenesis Full Track Listing:

1. Upon the Forge of Hephaestus
2. Dead Sun
3. Echoes of the Silenced
4. Crowned
5. Tethered to the Tide
6. Divide
7. Alexandria
8. DeluZion
9. Dysphoria
10. Veins of Ambrosia

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You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp, Hellfire Records, via Amazon above, Spotify & via Apple Music below. You can also buy merchandise on Big Cartel & find out more about Trigger on Facebook.

Trigger - Cryogenesis (Hellfire Records)
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