Album Review: The Virginmarys – Northern Sun Sessions (Masochismo Records)

Hailing from Macclesfield, The Virginmarys have been hard at it in the studio since the start of the year self producing and creating fresh new works alongside piecing together previously unfinished material, all of which follow the intensity, honesty and urgency that has become a trademark to The Virginmarys sound.

After the success of their debut album ‘King Of Conflict’ and follow up sophomore ‘Divides’ singer/guitarist Ally Dickaty says this third album is his favourite work to date.

‘I’m more excited about this record than any others we’ve done. We’ve created a beast that sounds massive. There’s a lot of freedom in this record, I’ve felt liberated and closer to the spark that had me writing in the first place. We’ve been working so close with these songs from start to finish and it’s felt right pouring ourselves into them. It’s a very special record that feels closest to the energy of our live performance than any before.”

The new album ‘Northern Sun Sessions’ is released 16th November 2018 via Masochismo Records. You can read an interview we had with Ally last year here.

Virginmarys 2

All about delivering fun and exciting hard rock, The Virginmarys’ new album is an energetic and eclectic listen. From the bouncy opener Look Out For My Brother you get an idea of just what you can expect from the album but it doesn’t stop the band from throwing out curveball after curveball. The first coming in SOS4UNI with it’s high-powered riffing and harsher take on the vocals.

It’s the energy found in the back of that track as well as Eye For An Eye, For the Two of Us and Get Me Back Home that really pushes The Virginmarys to the front of the hard rock queue. The latter’s subtle country twang is particularly fun.

The Virginmarys also prove themselves capable of delivering memorable melodies at a slower and more reflective pace as the depth of Northern Sun and Wanna Be Free’s rawer approach proves.

After the impressive EP, Sitting Ducks showed last year (read our review here), The Virginmarys are no slouches. Here we have one of the most exciting rock bands to come out of the UK in some time.

The latter part of the album focuses on the high-energy style that makes Northern Sun Sessions such a thrilling listen. Flags and Step Up show the eclectic offerings of the band with a bright mix of butt-shaking riffs and foot-tapping beats. Before All Fall Down ends things with a darker outlook mixed with flashes of high intensity heaviness. It’s a powerful closer to an album that delivers on all fronts.

You want rocking riffs? Check. How about catchy choruses? Sure thing. Maybe fast-paced rock and roll is your thing? The Virginmarys have you covered.

Virginmarys 1

The Virginmarys – Northern Sun Sessions Full Track Listing:

1. Look Out For My Brother
3. Eye For An Eye
4. For The Two Of Us
5. Blind Lead The Blind
6. Get Me Back Home
7. Northern Sun
8. Wanna Be Free
9. Flags
10. Step Up
11. All Fall Down

You can order the album from The Virginmarys’ website here and it will be available via all major shops and streaming services on release. Keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter, Instagram and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.

The Virginmarys - Northern Sun Sessions (Masochismo Records)
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