Album Review: Signs to the City – Not Made of Miracles (Self Released)

Signs to the City (formerly known as Jarrett Lobley Project) have released their new album, Not Made of Miracles (European release date 26th March 2018). Six tracks of emotive but really rocking music.

City 1

The sultry & melodic Dark Water showcases two particular things. One is the excellent voice of Jarrett Lobley the other an impressive use of keyboards & effects. Sitting neatly alongside the simple beat led by the tip-tap of the drums.

Dark Soul goes a little deeper with harrowing bass lines before We’ve Seen it All brings a little bit of the feel good factor to events. All thanks to its light & airiness rhythm.

That’s something that Not Made Of Miracles is coated in. A light dusting that is akin to floating amongst the clouds. It’s a genuine pity that the soft rock efforts of Signs to the City is so short as it’s just so relaxing.

The Line’s country-style guitar work & grouped vocals lifts the spirit even more before the catchy rhythm of Everyone Breathes confirms the quality on show. Its methodical pace is so peaceful & sounds so effortless for Signs to the City. Almost as if they were born to make rock.

An impressive listen closes out with a track that has a bit more bass-induced bounce about it. It’s not the strongest finish that you could hope for but it’s still an ear-pleasing listen.

City 2

Signs to the City – Not Made of Miracles Full Track Listing:

1. Dark Water
2. Dark Soul
3. We’ve Seen it All
4. The Line
5. Everyone Breathes
6. Darker Side of Paris

You can find out all you need to about the album & Signs to the City over on their website, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. Check out some of their tracks on SoundCloud and videos on YouTube.

Signs to the City - Not Made of Miracles (Self Released)
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