Album Review: Seeds Of Mary – The Blackbird and the Dying Sun (Klonosphere Records)

Playing a darkly atmospheric & melodic metal style. Bordeaux, France’s Seeds Of Mary will release their second album, The Blackbird and the Dying Sun on October 20th 2017 via Klonosphere Records.

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The Blackbird and the Dying Sun is the new album from heavy metal’s Seeds of Mary. Twelve tracks of straight up heavy metal riffs & rhythm but with vocals that have a grungy/gothic tone to them!

After an uninspiring start, Seeds of Mary really get rolling with the fist-pumping & catchy tune that is Here Comes the Night. Here the vocals & instruments combine to create a really unique sounding hard rock tune. Catchy & groove-laden, it’s the first real sign that Seeds of Mary might be on to something.

That continues into the sorrowful grungy Lord of the Flies & the deep bassy vibe of What Have We Done. Both tracks that might not have much in the way of bite but make up for that with tunes that take up residence inside your head.

The faster the groove, the better Seeds of Mary seem to fare. It’s where we get banging hard rock riffs, singalong choruses & horn-throwing guitar solos. The slower tracks can sometimes feel a bit like a trudge but often deliver some of the heaviest moments of the album. The Dying Sun is one such track that doesn’t exactly light the album on fire being overly long & a bit boring.

By time we reach the final few tracks, your attention might be waning somewhat but the fun bounce of Sense of Sacrifice will wake you up. Simple but ever so catchy, in the way Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People is.

Unfortunately it’s followed by the slow & droning Oceanic Feeling, a track that really doesn’t know when to end. It’s a pity really as it does get a little more exciting in its final minute or two but it’s a little too late by that stage.

It feels like a lot of effort to get through the final two tracks, Vice & Virtue and Back to the Woods, but it’s worth hanging on. The former has a nice sleazy groove to the vocals & the drumming is particular good while the latter ups the gothic tone before bringing some seriously heavy riffs to the party.

A really good finale, one that banishes a lot of the memories of some of less then thrilling stuff found elsewhere.

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Seeds of Mary – The Blackbird and the Dying Sun Full Track Listing:

1. I Am Not Afraid
2. Here Comes the Night
3. Lord of the Flies
4. What Have We Done
5. Like a Dog
6. The Blackbird
7. The Dying Sun
8. Sovereign Mind
9. Sense of Sacrifice
10. Oceanic Feeling
11. Vice & Virtue
12. Back to the Woods

You can pick up Seeds of Mary’s music over on Bandcamp & via most major streaming services. Check out the first album, Chose Your Lie via Apple Music below & keep up to date with Seeds of Mary news on Facebook & Instagram.

Seeds Of Mary - The Blackbird and the Dying Sun (Klonosphere Records)
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