Album Review: Sacred Leather – Ultimate Force (Cruz Del Sur Music)

“Since the incarnation of Sacred Leather, it has been this band’s mission to return the true essence of heavy metal to the masses.” – Dee Wrathchild, vocals.

Released on the 23rd February 2018, Sacred Leather represent heavy metal in its truest form on their first full-length album and debut Cruz Del Sur Music release, Ultimate Force.

Sacred Leather 2

The opening title track sets the stage perfectly as Sacred Leather deliver a blistering medley of classic riffs, fierce pace & screeching vocal highs. A power not to be messed with, Ultimate Force is 7 tracks of thumping heavy metal that is spat out at differing tempos to solid results.

Such as the head-banging quality of the mid-tempo tracks Watcher and Power Thrust with the latter giving off a sleazy groove edge. The mid-point of the album then brings a ballad & the highlight of the record. The gothic intro bleeds into a sombre & reflective melody that will stay with you for ages afterwards. A real showcase of Wrathchild’s excellent old school vocals.

The final half of the album doesn’t disappoint, continuing the feel-good heavy metal sound with screaming riffs, wicked hooks & just a touch of thrashy metal here & there (Prowling Sinner). Before closing out with an epic near 10-minute statement of heavy metal’s standing as far as Sacred Leather see it.

Sacred Leather

Sacred Leather – Ultimate Force Full Track Listing:

1. Ultimate Force
2. Watcher
3. Power Thrust
4. Dream Searcher
5. Master is Calling
6. Prowling Sinner
7. The Lost Destructor/Priest of the Undoer

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You can pick up the album via Amazon above, over on Bandcamp & on Big Cartel in a number of formats. Keep up to date with Sacred Leather’s news by liking their Facebook Page.

Sacred Leather - Ultimate Force (Cruz Del Sur Music)
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