Album Review: Oblivious – När Isarna Sjunger (Gaphals)

När Isarna Sjunger is the fourth studio album by Sweden’s Oblivious, a band that ranges from strong chorused heavy metal to gloom-ridden hard rock. The album is out on February 2nd 2018 via Gaphals.

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A riff heavy record, one that is all about bringing memorable & catchy hard rock with occasional blasts of heavier metal. The darkened tone that sits amongst the clean vocals, rhythmic melodies & deep bass helps make tracks like Fästet, När isarna sjunger & Låt stenarna rulla absolutely slay. The latter in particular delivers wickedly good catchy riffs.

The latter half of the album is certainly a step up as the sleazy groove of Fler än vad ni tror takes hold nicely, Sjumilakliv brings hip-shaking rhythm before Hitta hem ends things on a serious high. The final track, a soft & melodic rock song that lifts in ways the rest of the album hasn’t managed.

Oblivious 1

Oblivious – När Isarna Sjunger Full Track Listing:

1. Det brinner i fjärran
2. Fästet
3. Din låga
4. När isarna sjunger
5. Låt stenarna rulla
6. Fler än vad ni tror
7. Sjumilakliv
8. Hitta hem

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Oblivious - När Isarna Sjunger (Gaphals)
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