Album Review: Novareign – Legends (M-Theory Audio)

Southern California’s Novareign will release their new album, Legends on February 16th 2018 via M-Theory Audio.

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Fans of fast-paced riffing, screaming solos, high-pitched clean vocals blended into power/classic metal will find plenty to enjoy with Novareign’s new release. If it could be compared to something more well known, it’s best described as Dragonforce but with far less guitar wankery.

In fact, listening to Call on the Storm it would be easy to get confused with just what makes Novareign their own thing. It’s not a bad song as it gets the blood pumping & the adrenaline rushing but it’s far too familiar.

Mace of a Fist does make a much better impression though. Coming in at 10 minutes long, it’s an epic in every sense of the word. Huge melodic metal verses, catchy choruses, an intense level of guitar playing…it’s certainly a showcase of what Novareign can bring to the table. The highlight being an absolutely crushing level of drumming.

The good vibes continue through the raging speed of Beyond the Cold and the inspired Heavy Heart before the forgettable & overly long, Skyline brings things screeching to a halt. At this stage it’s hard to not notice that tracks are beginning to blend into one another a bit. Nowhere is that better noticed then with Skyline that just feels a bit ‘meh’.

Seemingly aware of the listeners exhaustion, Novareign offer brief respite with the short & acoustic ‘To Wander The Stars’. A sweet listen prepares things nicely for the chunky riffs of The Builder & the wailing noise of Black as the Dead of Night.

Again though, Novareign don’t seem to be able to keep things interesting as the penultimate track reaches a time of just short of 9 minutes & the final track goes for nearly 10. That wouldn’t be such a problem if the constant flurry of riff medleys & hooks were able to keep focus. Far too much going on, far too much blending together.

It’s still a good album, it just needs a little more control. Quality over quantity.

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Novareign – Legends Full Track Listing:

1. Call on the Storm
2. Mace of a Fist
3. Beyond the Cold
4. Heavy Heart
5. Skyline
6. To Wander the Stars
7. The Builder
8. Black as the Dead of Night
9. Legends

You can order the album via Novareign’s Bandcamp here, via M-Theory Audio’s store here & the label’s Bandcamp here. It will also be available via the usual streaming services such as Spotify & Apple Music. Keep up to date with news via Facebook.

Novareign - Legends (M-Theory Audio)
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