Album Review: Motorjesus – Race To Resurrection (Drakkar Entertainment)

With line up changes finalised, the gasoline rockers from Mönchengladbach, Motorjesus are now set to unleash their fifth album release, Race to Resurrection. An uncompromising mix consisting of classic rock, traditional metal and punchy rock music it is out on the 15th June 2018 via Drakkar Entertainment.

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Don’t let Motorjesus’ rocking riffs fool you, Race to Resurrection has one foot firmly planted in the world of metal. Catchy rhythm and huge choruses get the blood pumping for the likes of Tales from the Wrecking Ball, Re-Ignite and Speed Sanctuary.

The classic metal patter of Motorjesus isn’t going to win them any awards for originality but it certainly doesn’t lack quality.

13 tracks long, it’s mostly all high-tempo tracks with the occasional ballad number thrown out such as The Infernal. It does start to drag on a bit in the latter half as repetition is the biggest problem. Race to Resurrection has many tracks that work as singles but a whole album full? It’s a bit too much.

When it’s good though, it’s really good. Engines of War is an absolute treat of hard rocking riffs, Running Out of Time has a fist-pumping beat while Awaken the Tyrants has a bit more depth to it thanks to a melodic drop in pace about halfway through.

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Motorjesus – Race to Resurrection Full Track Listing:

1. Tales from The Wrecking Ball
2. King Collider
3. Re-Ignite
4. Speedway Sanctuary
5. Casket Days
6. The Infernal
7. Burning Black
8. The Damage
9. The Storm
10. Engines Of War
11. The Chase
12. Running Out Of Time
13. Awaken The Tyrants

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You can find out more/pick up the new album and earlier releases via their website. You can help support them by liking their Facebook Page too.

Motorjesus - Race To Resurrection (Drakkar Entertainment)
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