Album Review: Morphcored – Beyond The Kings (CDN Records)

On the 2nd March 2018, Canadian death/thrash metal band, Morphcored will release their new album ‘Beyond the Kings’ via CDN Records.

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A short & sweet release, Morphcored are all about delivering a heavy blend of thrash & death metal as quickly as they possible can. Mixing genres to the extent that we get a bit of grind & noisecore thrown in too.

The intro builds anticipation to an expected eruption of noise & Fourfold Fiend doesn’t disappoint with its fiery thrash riffs & feral death metal roars. Unsurprisingly, a dehumanising experience.

Beyond the Kings is non-stop hostility that delivers face-melting riffs, vigorous drums & raging vocals but it just lacking a little something. Once the six tracks have ended it’s not going to live long in the memory.

The likes of Hopeless Disillusion & Order of Strict Observance are solid lumps of metal though & bring the head-banging glory in spade-loads. A screaming solo in Large Hadron Collider mixed with some serious grind ends things on a positive note.

Morphcored 1

Morphcored – Beyond the Kings Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Fourfold Fiend
3. Hopeless Disillusion
4. Dark Bok Globule
5. Order Of Strict Observance
6. Large Hadron Collider

You can order the album via CDN records here (internationally) or here (Canadian only). Keep up date with news & find out more about Morphcored on Facebook. While you’re at it, check out their YouTube channel also!

Morphcored - Beyond The Kings (CDN Records)
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