Album Review: Maharaja – Kali Yuga (Self Released)

Independently releasing their debut album, Kali Yuga on September 22nd 2017, Ohio based sludge band, Maharaja have created a sound that will usher in the end of all things.

Maharaja 1

As doomy as it is dirty, opening track Blood Moon is a blistering & heavy slice of metal. Hypnotically rhythmic, the fuzzy sounding bass is just one element that leaves you feeling disoriented but satisfied.

Sharing similarities with the likes of Red Fang & Weedeater but with doom-moments that smell of Electric Wizard. It’s a record that demands you sit back, put your feet up & head-bang until your brain is leaking out of your ears. The sheer ferocity of the riffs & vocals on Slave to Senses, the pummelling given by the bass during Free Choice & the untamed, stoner rock groove of Ouroboros. Song after song of unsettling but exciting sludgy doom.

The spaced out sound of Blaq Magiq Carpet Ride offsets the thrashy bass edge & relentless guitar assault nicely. Arguably the albums best song, it’s ambitious & filled with all manner of bile inducing moments.

The near 8 minute groove of I, Undying sees things out nicely. Drawing on all their influences to drop a thrilling & catchy number. The distortion of the bass, the hammering drum beats, the disgust coming from the guitars & the unsettling vocals that range from singing all the way to pure aggression.

Maharaja 2

Maharaja – Kali Yuga Full Track Listing:

1. Blood Moon
2. Slave to Senses
3. Free Choice
4. Ethisfidi
5. Ourboros
6. Black Magic Carpet Ride
7. I, Undying

Head over to Maharaja’s Bandcamp to pick up Black Magic Carpet Ride now & check them out over on Facebook!


Maharaja - Kali Yuga (Self Released)
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