Album Review: Lou Kelly – Scumlords (Self Released)

Luke “Lou” Kelly is a composer and musician (creating distracting background music) from Ukiah, California & Scumlords is his new album released on October 25th 2017.

Scumlords 2

Scumlords is a very unique album. That is instantly clear with the rocking oddity that is Bad News Brothers. A riff-laden track with rumbling deep vocals & flashes of intensity all wrapped up in a catchy off-beat style.

That continues into the wild & proggy Past Life Regressions, the wickedly rhythmic Filthy Feline and the madness-inducing wackiness of Profane Profundity (Perfectly Absurd). At this point you’ll know if this is an album for you.

Refusing to be tied down to any one particular genre, the parallels to the likes of Primus are easy to find. A comparison that is all positive if you consider how well loved & respected they are. Not that Lou Kelly is just copying a previously laid out formula. This is a body of work that few will have heard anything like this year.

No matter if it’s the soft guitar instrumental melody of Pseudo Sonata, the upbeat epic ‘Devin Townsend’ style of Lost in the Depths, the slower & darker Slither or the funky rhythm of Halloween Party. The latter is a bundle of fun, a track that should be part of any Halloween party playlist!

The prog is brought back in blazing style for Mother Funker, a track that epitomises the wild & wacky nature of Scumlords as a whole. A great record comes to a close with the pacey & upbeat We Got a Runner and bluesy You Gonna Love Me, Woman. Although the latter has that blues edge it’s still done in the Lou Kelly way so has its tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Trying to describe this album is no easy task as there is so much going on. So much that makes it a unique & compelling listen. The best way for you to find out if it’s your sort of thing is to check it out yourself. Go in with an open mind & you’ll come away very satisfied.

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Lou Kelly – Scumlords Full Track Listing:

1. Bad News Brothers
2. Past Life Regressions
3. Filthy Feline
4. Profane Profundity (Perfectly Absurd)
5. Pseudo Sonata
6. Lost In The Depths
7. Slither
8. Halloween Party
9. Mother Funker
10. We Got A Runner
11. You Gonna Love Me, Woman

Check out/pick up the album over on Bandcamp, Spotify & via Apple Music below. You can also listen to Lou Kelly’s music on Soundcloud & YouTube. Find out more & keep up to date with news via his website & Facebook Page.

Lou Kelly - Scumlords (Self Released)
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