Album Review: Legacy of Emptiness – Over The Past (Black Lion Records)

Over the Past is the second full length album from symphonic black metal band, Legacy of Emptiness. The album is out on June 12th 2017 via Black Lion Records & can be best described as a journey towards the fantasy realm, where darkness and melody equally reign together.

Legacy 1

Symphonic black metal, Over the Past starts ticking all the right boxes instantly on Reminisce. The orchestral intro bleeds into some heavy blackened riffs & guttural vocals but with a nice melodic edge.

Unlike many other bands that play this kind of music, Legacy of Emptiness differ by just how much rawer they sound although it does make picking elements out a little tougher. It doesn’t detract from the enjoyment though with the machine like firing off of Despair’s chorus absolutely roaring. Such a satisfying track. It shows some serious imagination.

There is so much to enjoy here. The dark chugging guitars in Angelmaker, the brutal pace of Into the Eternal Pits of Nothingness, the drop away into a spooky piano melody in Drawn by Nightmares, the lighter melodies & frantic pace of Four Hundred Years…just consistently great stuff.

A lot of symphonic black metal bands might have trouble standing out but that isn’t a problem for Legacy of Emptiness. Each song has an interesting take on blending symphony sounds with harsh sounding black metal. It’s really hard to fault something that, while not breaking much new ground, is consistently this good.

Over the Past ends exactly how it began with the memorable double header of Transition & Evening Star. The former just 3 minutes of piano while the latter looks to prove once & for all that symphonic black metal is & always will be vitally important.

Legacy 2

Legacy of Emptiness – Over the Past Full Track Listing:

1. Reminisce
2. Despair
3. Angelmaker
4. Into the Eternal Pits of Nothingness
5. Drawn by Nightmares
6. There Was A Man
7. Four Hundred Years
8. Transition
9. Evening Star

You can order Over the Past here on Bandcamp, some of the singles on Amazon below as well as earlier work. Make sure you pop over to Facebook to find out more about Legacy of Emptiness.

Legacy of Emptiness - Over The Past (Black Lion Records)
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