Album Review: King Zog – King Zog (Self Released)

The debut self-titled album from King Zog is a tribute to doom metal at its finest. The album will be released independently on July 28th 2017.

King Zog 2

The drips of rain followed by a teeth-buzzingly distorted guitar riff sets you on the doomy path laid out by King Zog. Lost at Sea & Man-Sized Rotisserie let the mind-melting hooks fly, crushingly heavy but with clean vocals that exude power.

The slow tempo of Fuck Island conjures up images of a smoke-filled basement where a crowd of people are high as anything, swaying back & forth in the breeze of the fuzzy sound. The beat is addictive, really getting under the skin.

It’s not just about laying down heavy riffs though, King Zog also has plenty of catchy melody to get your attention. Strong choruses on the likes of Look Who’s Torkan & Temple’s Temple really stand out, King Zog have plenty of rhythm to go alongside the throbbing fuzzy guitars.

Liz Wisdom fills the album with a glorious dark atmosphere, the slow & moody vibe transforming into a final flurry of intense metal. The different vibe offers a freshness to the sound after the chorus-based last few songs.

You don’t have to be a fan of doom to enjoy King Zog’s self titled album, it’s gratifying rhythmic quality touches upon a number of different rock & metal style. Nowhere is that more obvious then the insanely good Bitter Wisdom & its deep grooves burned into the track.

Season in Hell rounds up a thrilling & satisfying listen with a solid beat & wicked chorus. It trudges along at a slow pace before upping the tempo for a frantic final minute of guitar & drums.

One of the best doom releases this year.

King Zog 1

King Zog – King Zog Full Track Listing:

1. Lost at Sea
2. Man-Sized Rotisserie
3. Fuck Island
4. Look Who’s Torkan
5. Hexagram
6. Temple’s Temple
7. Liz Business
8. Bitter Wisdom
9. Witchsmoker
10. Season in Hell

Head over to Bandcamp to stream & pick up the album now. Check out King Zog over on Facebook.  

King Zog - King Zog (Self Released)
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