Album Review: Dragonhammer – Obscurity (My Kingdom Music)

Dragonhammer will releases their new album, Obscurity on October 27th 2017 via My Kingdom Music. An album jammed with powerful & symphonic metal.

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Power metal doesn’t get as much respect as it probably should within the metal community, often referred to as cheesy metal. However some of the best bands in the world play power metal. Bands like Halloween, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth & Sabaton.

There are few great modern power metal bands though, something Dragonhammer aim to change. With upbeat melodies, screeching riffs & powerful soaring vocals Obscurity looks to leave a serious impression on the listener.

Something that the punchy & catchy The Eye of the Storm, Brother vs Brother & Under the Vatican’s Ground do with ease. Whether it’s screeching solos, crushing drum beats or vocal wailing that will send a shiver through you, Obscurity gets off to a blinding start.

Filled with song after song of ‘fist in the air’ metal. Metal that really puts a smile on the face, gets the foot tapping & the horns thrown.

The blistering pace & guitar wizardary of The Game of Blood is sublime listening while the darker groove of The Town of Evil is excitingly sinister in style. However, nothing compares to when Dragonhammer just let rip with a huge bombastic sing-along & that is exactly what we get with the glorious battle ready Fighting the Beast. Arguably the best track on the album, it doesn’t drop in energy from the start.

Thankfully unlike a lot of power metal bands, Dragonhammer also know when enough is enough too. The penultimate track, Remember My Name is a ballad & one that doesn’t really do much. The only time it lifts itself out of the drudgery is with a decent sounding solo at the end. Had it been the final track then it would have ended the album on a sour note but fortunately the title track caps a very good album off nicely.

More in line with what we’ve heard throughout, the symphonic elements make quite the impact as does the increasing pace that makes up the final few minutes. That leads into some absolute wonderous guitar shredding leaving you with a really positive feeling.

A strong contender for the best power metal release this year. Dragonhammer are something very special indeed.

Dragonhammer 2

Dragonhammer – Obscurity Full Track Listing:

1. Darkness is Coming
2. The Eye of the Storm
3. Brother vs Brother
4. Under the Vatican’s Ground
5. The Game of Blood
6. The Town of Evil
7. Children of the Sun
8. Fighting the Beast
9. Remember My Name
10 .Obscurity

You can pick up the album as well as earlier releases over on the band’s website. You can also check out earlier work via Apple Music below. Keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter & MySpace.

Dragonhammer - Obscurity (My Kingdom Music)
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