Album Review: Divinity Compromised – Terminal (Qumran/No Dust Records)

On July 28th 2017, progressive metal band Divinity Compromised will release their second album Terminal via Qumran Records/No Dust Records.

Divinity Compromised 1

The title track certainly is an intriguing piece of music, a booming metal beat with chunky riffs mixed with some futuristic sounding effects & soaring clean vocals. It does take a moment to settle but once it does it’s incredibly good.

The opening track is followed by the killer drum beat & epic sounding melody of Shelter in Place, the rock ballad My Escape & the intense up-tempo of The Definition of Insanity. Each offers their own unique style with plenty of catchy hooks & guitar solos. The latter even has a bit of Megadeth in the growling vocal verses.

Some of the best moments of Terminal come from the band’s use of a piano, often subtle & perfectly enhancing the heavy metal beat. Nowhere is this better than on the fantastic The Last Refugee. The best song on the album, it uses all the tricks that Divinity Compromised have in the bag. Lovely melody, soaring clean vocals, crushing death metal moments & a solo that is huge enough to crack the sky.

One of the most impressive songs to be released this year. It lifts you both mentally & physically.

A second ballad, Legacy, doesn’t quite hit the mark unfortunately sounding a bit bland even if the solo is pretty impressive.

Terminal finishes up with the crushing soundtrack that is The Fall of Istoria & gorgeous epic of Saving Grace. The satisfaction that’s left by time the final notes play out is remarkable, just like the album itself.

To say Divinity Compromised know how to keep you hooked into their exciting brand of melodic & progressive metal is an understatement. It’s genuinely disappointing when the album ends.

Divinity Compromised 2

Divinity Compromised – Terminal Full Track Listing:

1. Terminal
2. Shelter in Place
3. My Escape
4. The Definition of Insanity
5. The Last Refugee
6. Free to Speak
7. Legacy
8. The Fall of istoria
9. Saving Grace

Check out Divinity Compromised’s earlier release via Apple Music below as well as through most other major streaming services. Find out more about the band over on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, ReverbNation & YouTube.

Divinity Compromised - Terminal (Qumran/No Dust Records)
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