Album Review: Demoniac – Intemperance (Witches Brew)

Released on September 15th 2017 via Witches Brew, Intemperance is the debut album from Chilean thrash metal band, Demoniac.

Demoniac 1

Eight tracks of blistering riffs & solos, eight tracks of nasty & aggressive vocals, eight tracks of brutal & unstoppable thrash metal. Intemperance is 40 minutes of gut-churning old school thrash metal that harks back to the sub-genre’s heyday in the 80s.

With a crashing of furious riffs, drums & venomous vocals The Unacceptable Truth gets the ball rolling. Raw & filthy sounding, it’s gives an early indication of what you can expect from the album as a whole. It’s a solid start but missing a hook that really makes it a memorable track.

That does come with the much more beat laden title track that mixes a bit more melody with the heavy trash riffs. What was missing in the opening track is certainly here. The melody is short lived though as it quickly picks up in pace spitting on aggressive & raw thrash riffs, drum beats & vocals.

The ‘balls out’ speed metal moments against the groovier guitar work is what really makes Intemperance such a compelling listen. The wildness of the latter half of Cheating Destiny, the disjointed riffing of Dimorphic Feelings, the intensity of When Witchcraft & Cult Rises…all exciting tracks that speak to the old school sound of unrestricted thrashy metal.

Things wrap up nicely with a brief bit of melody (Timeless Mind) before opening up a huge can of whoop-ass with the furious Forging our Sorrow. A finale that shows off some intense riffs, bloodying vocals & a horn-throwing guitar solo.

Demoniac 2

Demoniac – Intemperance Full Track Listing:

1. The Unacceptable Truth
2. Intemperance
3. Cheating Destiny
4. Dimorphic Feelings
5. When Witchcraft & Cult Rises
6. Death Comes
7. Timeless Mind
8. Forging our Sorrow

You can pick up the album over on Demoniac’s Bandcamp & Witches Brew’s Bandcamp.

Demoniac - Intemperance (Witches Brew)
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