Album Review: Break and Enter – The Call Of The Void (Self Released)

On January 12th 2018, melodic hardcore band Break and Enter released their debut album, The Call of the Void. 11 tracks of savagery that offer bludgeoning breakdowns, bloodying riffs & eviscerating vocals.

Break 2

The only respite offered by Break and Enter are the flashes of melody & clean vocals. Moments that freshen things up & adding to the impact when the heaviness returns.

The album really gets started on Cataclysm. The roaring of guttural vocals alongside the guitar heavy hooks is instantly appealing. This is hardcore to lose your mind too, wild but not unstructured & played at a tempo that’s near unstoppable.

Short but delivering knockout blows constantly. Burn’s stunningly good rhythm is pure fist-throwing, head-banging glory & the flick of a lighter followed by the whispered line ‘burn it down’ is so good.

The more melodic side of the band comes out to play on Sticks and Stone as the clean vocals play off the brutality well. The chorus soars but the breakdown that comes near the end is what you’ll remember.

After such a top start you might expect Break and Enter to take their foot off the gas & relax a little. That’s not their style though, instead upping the aggression & providing even more glorious head-banging moments.

There is no debating the meatiness of Spineless, a track that gives off a bit of a nu-metal vibe. Nor would anyone want to to get in the path of Guillotine, a 2-minute battering of riffs & drumming.

Putting it simply, if you’re not sold on the musical talents of Break and Enter by this stage then their clear passion & commitment should be the clincher. Their energy is infectious & the constant high tempo should be exhausting but they make it seem so effortless.

Lost in the swirl of melodic heaviness, the end of The Call of the Void sneaks up & kicks the legs out from under you. 1071 adds some unheard bass groove to stand out from the pack before Last Goodbye breaks apart in a cacophony of feverish beats, melodious groove & a big middle finger to anyone that doubts the credentials of this being an album of the year contender!

Break 1

Break and Enter – The Call of the Void Full Track Listing:

1. L’appel Du Vide
2. Cataclysm
3. Burn
4. Sticks and Stone
5. The Call of the Void
6. Torment
7. Spineless
8. Guillotine
9. The Reaper
10. 1071
11. Last Goodbye

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You can stream the album now on Spotify here and via Apple Music below. Find out more about Break and Enter on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Break and Enter - The Call Of The Void (Self Released)
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