Album Review: Bloodline – Insolent (Self Released)

On March 23rd 2018 Texas native metal band Bloodline have released their debut, full-length album, Insolent. In their few short years of existence (2014) the band has become a power player on the scene, with a debut EP, III, and shows/tours with the likes of The Faceless, Bad Omens and Kublai Khan among others.

Combining elements of metal, hardcore and rock, Bloodline has poured blood and sweat into crafting a debut that sets a new bar for Texas metalcore.

“The adage ‘you have your entire life to write your first album’ resonates heavily with me, this track, and this album. This collection of songs is what I’ve been trying to write for years, and I finally feel like I’ve been able to capture and encompass what I’ve been feeling. The idea of someone extremely important, entering, and exiting your life repeatedly. A revolving door of human emotions.” – Joe (vocals)

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Aggressive and in your face, Insolent is an album built around feral breakdowns, intense riffing and hardcore/death metal vocals that flay skin from bone. When Bloodline say they’ve thrown their all into this record, you believe it because you can hear it on the likes of the title track, N.S.T.B. and Self Diagnosed.

Bloodline go so hot and heavy from the start that you can’t help but wonder if they’re going to lose momentum as the album goes on. Thankfully the energy they have is in high supply as Lifeless breaks like a tidal wave over a costal town, Born to Lose is sickening in its savagery and Dissipate captures every good thing about hardcore (the best track on the album).

This is a really special release. You can feel every bit of energy that Bloodline expel and it pulls at the primal urges that exist in all. You will want to go wild and bang your head to the unrelenting nature of it all. Even the melodic moments only serve to enhance the crushing heaviness.

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Bloodline – Insolent Full Track Listing:

1. Insolent
2. No Way Out
3. N.S.T.B.
4. Self Diagnosed
5. Faded Memory
6. Lifeless
7. Born to Lose
8. Stress Case
9. Let Me Go
10. Dissipate
11. Schizo
12. Abandoned

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The album is out now and you can pick it up via Bandcamp, Spotify, via Amazon above and Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Bloodline’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and watch their vids on YouTube.

Bloodline - Insolent (Self Released)
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