Album Review: Black Moth – Anatomical Venus (Candlelight Records)

UK stoner rock band Black Moth are back with their third album entitled ‘Anatomical Venus’! The ten-track album will be released on February 23rd 2018 via Candlelight Records.

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Offering a sultry & psychedelic sound, Black Moth get the sensual tone started right with Istra, a riveting opener that sets the stage nicely. Sabbath infused riffs backed up with some killer female vocals sees the likes of Moonbrow, Sisters of the Stone & Buried Hoards defy genres. Is it sludge?Doom? Is it rock? Stoner? Is it grunge? The answer is yes…to all!

An engaging record that sways in the wind of modern hard rock, Anatomical Venus is filled with mischievous & sleazy riffs. Severed Grace draws you in with whispered promises, A Lovers Hate boosts the feel-good factor, Screen Queen produces a groggy effort and Tourmaline delivers a full & polished sound.

A tremendous effort, the slickness that comes from the album is so memorable & it engages the mind from the very start to the very end. By time the groovy A Thousand Arrows & the exciting earth-shattering rhythm of Pig Man play out, you’ll be thoroughly satisfied by an album that makes grungy, sludgy, doomy rock sound so easy.

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Black Moth – Anatomical Venus Full Track Listing:

1. Istra
2. Moonbrow
3. Sisters of the Stone
4. Buried Hoards
5. Severed Grace
6. A Lovers Hate
7. Screen Queen
8. Tourmaline
9. A Thousand Arrows
10. Pig Man

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You can pick up & stream Black Moth via Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer & Apple Music below. You can also order it here (UK) & here (US). Find out more about Black Moth on Facebook, their website here, Twitter and watch some of their videos on YouTube.

Black Moth - Anatomical Venus (Candlelight Records)
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